Monday, May 29, 2006

1 done, 3 to go

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This was the card that made my day complete on last Thursday afternoon, after concluding the first year of vet school. That, and a luxurious caipirinha!

That this first year is over is such a tremendous relief, I can't even begin to describe the feeling. I still have a very busy summer ahead, but I am also planning a lot of fun and games for the next couple of months. Because, really, I need that.

Knitting, I do not know. I have a couple of things to seam/finish up. Then, I really want ot resume the long neglected China Clouds and get it DONE. I can't see it anymore, looking all forlorn in its basket.

But before that, I need to finish my MUD version of the Kiri shawl.

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Which means, I really need to finish the spinning for it, because what I have spun so far barely gets me halfway.

For anybody who remembers this post, I am a full year behind schedule. So what makes me believe that I will accomplish in 2 months what I could not in twelve?

Why, school is over, and I feel invincible!

*translation from kindergarten phonetic English reads: I hope that you had fun at Vet School by Maddie, ther best daughter I could have ever hoped for.