Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Poppies for Polly

Last week ATU Polly was admiring her spontaneous poppy and wondering how invasive they are.
Well, pretty invasive, I told her, but so pretty and very hardy. We planted a few wildflower seeds a couple of years ago, and now the poppies are taking over the front flower beds. I do not care, I find them so pretty I would not mind if they took over the house!

Look at them!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And they go well with the Poppy bolero from Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora book, vero?
The bolero is for the daughter of Maddalena’s godfather, in South Africa. I used some Italian silk yarn from stash, and followed directions without much anguish about gauge, because, in my thinking, as long as I keep the same proportions, it will fit the child at some point. Let’s hope it’s true.

And now, a public announcement: given the frantic pace of my life right now, I will not be able to post much in the next couple of months, if at all. So far, no big deal, I am sure you can all survive.

However, as of now, I do not even have the time to read other blogs and post comments on them, and generally keep up with the knitting/blogging world. No, no time at all. And this situation will last for another two months or so. Will I survive? Doubtful.

I can still do some simple knitting-while-reading (i.e. Poppy), let’s pray that is enough to keep me sane. See you sometime in the summer! Miss you already....