Monday, April 09, 2012

unnecessary loss of randomness

Lanesplitter 2 came out lovely, it is difficult to go wrong with this pattern. But I wish I had alternated skeins, as recommended in the pattern, to create a more random look. With my first Lanesplitter skirt, I had no need to do that, the color variations were unpredictable, and the skeins considerably different from each other.

I wonder if the American market has requested more uniform Noro yarns than what they used to be. The batch of Noro Iro that I used for my first Lanesplitter skirt was a gift from my sister and her wife, and it was purchased in Sidney, Australia, where they live.

The batch for the second Lanesplitter was purchased at Webs. And the color pattern in this batch is very uniform, practically a self striping bulky yarn. I seem to recall many bloggers recounting manipulating Noro yarns to eliminate some of the randomness, as well as some saying that in each color theme, there always was one hue completely out of tune with the rest.

Well, it seems that that is no longer the case, or at least it wasn't for this batch. Have uniformity and predictability been driving market forces? Who knows? For me, this is not an improvement. I loved the randomness, it was what made Noro Noro.

I still do love the skirt, though, and I hope the recipient will love it too!


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