Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thank you, Emma!

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My virtual friend Emma deserves endless thanks from me, and it is about time I give her proper credit.

Without Emma, and her amazingly generous enabling, I probably would not:

a) own a spinning wheel
b) be able to play with it
c) own sock yarn
d) own rosewood dpns needles
e) knit socks

and possibly I would not even have a blog (Melanie also deserves a lot of credit for launching me in blogland).

While knitting and spinning paraphernalia are the tangible gifts Emma has given me, what I praise in Emma are her warmth, support, generosity, friendship and courage in life.

The socks above were knitted using some Opal yarn she sent me along with rosewood needles, a few years back. I thought a lot about Emma, while I was knitting them, and about some of the difficulties she faces everyday. She certainly deserves a big public THANK YOU, and a lot of support from her friends for all she does.


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