Sunday, April 01, 2012

What can I say?

"How long has it been? Way over a year.

So much for promising more frequent posts.
Most of the knitting has been dutifully reported on Ravelry, of course.
But of course it is not the same, the dialogue is reduced. On the other hand, I am not reading blogs very frequently myself, and I contribute nothing to the general knitting dialogue."

Well, I wrote the above in May 2011. Now is April 1, 2012. Is this an April fool's thought about restarting blogging? Am I fooling myself?
My internal intermittent commentary about knitting, and spinning, and various other things is still running in my head, and maybe it would get straighter, less muddled, if some of it was posted.

Also, maybe my fiber activities would re-acquire a social dimension, if I actively participated in the blogosphere. And that would be a lot of fun.

And I know I will need some help with this project at some pointy, or at least some encouragement. I am talking steeks, and shoulders finished with I-cord, and not sure what else yet.

It is the Schoolhouse Shetland Pullover from Knitting in America, first edition.
So far I love the knitting in the round, on long DPNS. It feels like cardboard, the Shetland yarn on cones is not soft at all at this stage. A swatch for a different project turned lovely after washing and slight fulling. So there is hope.

This project has a lot of unknowns, nearly uncharted territory for me. It will be exciting, hopefully so much so that I need to blog about it.

How about that for a carrot?


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