Thursday, June 14, 2007

Girl with Shark: for Maryse

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No standing around at the corner, with an annoyed look on your face.
Chair, book and sometimes a cup of tea for my girl while waiting for her school bus.
Every morning I see this, it makes me laugh.
A good way to start of the day

Friday, June 08, 2007

The spring of discontent

Dear Friends,
this has been a strange spring, and not in a pleasant way. Nothing dramatic happened, nor anything definite I can point my finger at. But I do not feel like my old self, and I do not like this discontented new me.

The new me is even discontented of knitting. While this may sound trivial, (and may actually be mistaken for a healthy sign by those who regard intense knitting like an obsession), it is a clear sign of a deep shift within me, for whom knitting has always been a rich resource.

I do not attach any deep or mystical meaning to knitting, but I am an ethologist by formation, and I know my behavioral patterns, coping strategies and rewards. And now something is amiss.

Of course, it may simply be the burn-out effect of my demanding and stressful life; in fact, it most likely is just that. Still, I do not like it.

Along with the knitting, have gone my already minimal blog-reading and spinning. I do feel a bit too empty right now. And, as I said, not happy about it.

In other news, the second year of Vet School is over, and that is good. I have just been to Italy to meet my new niece, baby Emma, and she is the sweetest little thing ever. And I have a wonderful trip to South Africa planned for this summer, with my family. And that is just super fantastic!

So if i can just get this spring over with, I should be all set.