Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Done with drab knitting....

for now at least!

My December knitting palette ranged from gray to military green to brown, in stockinette and ribs patterns. Boring?? Ya thinkkk?!?!!

I felt like screaming most of the time. BUT I could not have more pleased with the final results, the recipients LOVED their items.

Giacomo got a peaked hat who never leaves his head (mm.., maybe it's time to wash the thing..)

He also got the most boring sweater in the whole world, but he wears it unprompted! Seriously!

And I can't sing enough praises for Guendalina! Just look at her!

Maddalena is the queen of hippos, and she wanted this knitted hippo so bad she learned to knit for her! Maddie did most of the knit stitches, I did the purl rows shaping etc.

This was not too bad to knit, the shaping and general adorableness helped the brown stockinette move along.

More project details on Ravelry.

For January I have spinning and color for you. To be saved for the next post. I'll try to be a bit more regular in my blogging activities, ok?