Friday, April 14, 2006

Spinning idiot

Yes, that would be me.

After months of neglect and sporadic spinning, I eventually got to the point of having two full bobbins, ready to ply. And so I did, and made a good size skein out of them. See?

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Then I got hit by a tsunami of big and heavy exams, and never got to finish plying the singles left on the two bobbins. When I finally got round to it, exhausted after a 6 hours exam, I plonked myself down, stared into space for a while, then slowly focused on the wheel and decided to finish that plying.

After a while spent wondering why the yarn looked so weird, even for my standards, it hit me: S singles are plyed Z, and viceversa. Remember? Except I do not even know what way the singles are spun anymore.

Yes, I know, I am a spinning idiot.

Now, for all of you experienced and wise spinners out there a question: is there any way to rescue those singles from their tangliness, and ply them the right way round, whatever that might be?

PS: welcome home Melanie! so glad to have you back!

PPS: thank you Kay and Ann, for your wonderful book! I am enjoying every page of it, and am very proud to be mentioned in it! So cool!