Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday, one of my favorite days in the whole year.

And so far, I am having a good one: work in the Large Animal Surgery rotation is pretty slow, my horse patient is behaving and loves cuddles, the cafeteria had lobster rolls for lunch, many people paid me great compliments by not believing how old I turn today (which is the goodly number of 44) and I expect presents and a dinner out from children and husband tonight.

Oh, and the weather is beautiful! Perfect for the beach, which is what I love (I am firmly ignoring the lack of beach and beach-time for now).

I love celebrating birthdays, mine or other people's!

My parents always made a big deal and threw big parties for us, with lots of friends and lots of presents, and we were always made feel very special on our birthday.

So here is my wish: that you too will enjoy your birthday and feel special, no matter how old you might turn or whatever else might be going on in your life!

Happy Birthday!