Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day

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This is how sweet and lovely our Christmas Day was this year. It could not have been better.

My warmest wishes to you all for a peaceful holiday time and a New Year full of wonder!

And look at the prettiest cup of tea ever!Thanks Santa, this was such a treat!

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Sunday, December 03, 2006


No stomping and no growling today*.
Not only I have recovered, I am positively elated today, big grin stamped on my face and dancing feet. Yes, I did pass the exam, only just, but that's not why.

Question: Why is this blogger so happy today?

a) Because her living room strongly resembles a miniature version of a yarn warehouse sale.
b) Because she got to spend a morning in great company sorting through hundreds of bags of beautiful yarn and shelves of knitting books and magazines.
c) Because she has had the rest of the weekend by herself to fully enjoy her new purchases in peace, opening every bag and fondling every ball and looking at every photo in every book and magazine.
d) All of the above.

Answer key: d (of course)

While I wish my life was not ruled by multiple choice questions, if they were all like the above one, it would be ok with me.

Anyways, in the last few months there have been some yarn purchases here and there, nothing spectacular, as I had a firm desire to use up my stash (and no time or inclination for shopping). But eventually I got to the point that I could not just open the magic yarn trunk and pull out what I needed for the project I wanted there and then: while some yarns are still languishing in the trunk waiting for their call to action, many have gone.

I confess I did not even pretend to resist the siren call of Westminster Fibers warehouse sale. In fact, my children in a candy store behave much more decorously than me in a yarn warehouse sale! My only regret is the one bag that I left behind in a pang of totally unnecessary guilt at the last minute.

I have no booty pictures for you (yet) so I'll leave you with this, to show that I do actually knit up my shopping spree purchases (scroll down the post).

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Maddie and Giacomo at the wedding of their cousin in Ireland, October 2006.

Please identify the yarn used to make Maddie's cardigan:
a) Jaeger Trinity
b) Manos Cotton
c) unidentified stash yarn
d) Rowan Magpie
e) none of the above

OK, OK, never mind, I'll go back to the books right now...

* Thank you so much for all your comforting comments, they helped a lot!