Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quick, quick...

..let me sneak a post in, before anybody notices that I am not studying or painting the house or feeding children or working in the anatomy lab etc.

I wanted to write a post about knitting in progress, but by now the knitting has progressed a to not very photogenic stage.

So I'll just show you this detail, the border on a smallish bolero type thing I am making for Maddie, to wear to her cousin's wedding this Saturday in Ireland.

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As I did not have a suitable pattern for what I wanted, I just made it up, borrowing a pretty border from this lovely shawl.

Can you tell the little leaves going around? Pretty, no?

Well, it is not looking that pretty around the body of the cardi, because it is bunching it all up. Cant't figure it out. I must have ripped that border at least 5 times already, but time is running out. It'll have to do. I will show you a picture of the recipient wearing it soon, so you can cringe in sympathy.

I have also been workig on this, for a friend. She picked the yarn Wool Bam-boo and the pattern (Bi-color cables, By Annie Modesitt, IK winter 2005), and I am really enjoying it. I will also have a lot left over for me to play with, yippee!

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