Saturday, July 02, 2005


Hello everybody,

just a quick post before disappearing for another month.

June has seen me running around in a frantic mode, from work to classes to homework to work to classes to homework again and again. Plus the end of school, soccer, baseball, t-ball, camping, organizing for summer, some family issues etc.

I had little time for eating and sleeping, never mind knitting, spinning or blogging.
But it was worth it, because now I have the rest of the summer off!*

So Tuesday the children and I are leaving for Italy, where we’ll stay for the rest of the month. While there is connectivity available from there, my previous experience tells me that I will be way to busy at the beach all day, and socializing with friends and family at night, to do any blogging. Usually I do not even knit much** (although I might do some yarn shopping!)

I will take my newly finished Side-to-Side top with me, to visit the homeland, so to speak.

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*Well, not completely, I have still to finish some work, which I will have to take with me. Stupid deadlines!
** I know at least one famous blogger who knits at the beach all summer, and usually has blankets of mind-boggling beauty to show at the end of it, but my beach ethos largely rules out knitting.