Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A semester worth of knitting

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Yes, that's right, the first semester of vet school is over! yippeee!

It was exciting, stimulating, tough beyond my expectations, and deeply exhausting.

But I am here, as coherent and together as I have ever been (yeah, right!), and I can tell you two things: first, I could not have done this without the practical and emotional support of my family, especially my husband, who has beautifully risen to the challenge of taking charge of all childcare arrangements and most housekeeping, along with his full time job. And all without batting an eyelid, in typical British fashion. I LOVE YOU, CHRIS!

Also, my blogging friends have sent me supporting and encouraging messages all along, and that has made a big difference! Thank you all!

Second, I could not have done this without my knitting! There was no way I could have sat studying for all those hours, had my hands not been occupied, thus channelling my concentration to the books.

The circle up there is not actually complete: Maddalena's new scarf is at the sitter's house, the back of a vest for my father is being blocked by the cat, the mouse ears are momentarily misplaced, plus there is a secret item I can't display.

Of course, as you can see, only very simple projects, many of them still unfinished, because finishing requires undivided attention. No time for that.

Here is the legend, from the top, clockwise:

Corrugated Asymetrical V-Neck, Loop-d-Loop, details in this post.
Cardigan for Maddalena, my own design, with unknown yarn. Still needs a zipper or clasp. Plus two random hats for the children, but they do not wear them.
Capelet in Rowan Cork, from their last year membership kit. A present for the sitter, probably.
One-Skein-Wonder, see previous post. A present for a recipient to be decided yet.
Blissful Jacket, by Debbie Bliss, IK Fall 2005, in Rowan dk tweed, with yellow trim in some unknown yarn. To be finished, hopefully tonight.
Drop-Stitch Cardigan, by Amy King, IK Fall 2005, in Noro Cash Iroha. Still needs a zipper, although I am considering alternatives.
In the middle, a scarf for Giacomo, his own design and choice of colors. Plus there are a dark blue corrugated hat, also from Loop-d-Loop, matching the V-neck, and a pair of half mittens in Cork, from the latest Rowan Magazine, just to finish off left overs.

Oh, something else worth mentioning: all this was from stash! Very happy about that!

And now, excuse me, I have a lot of blog-reading to do!