Saturday, October 15, 2005

Way to busy a life

Hi people!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I am still alive. The first couple of months of Vet School have been pretty hard to adjust to, with a heavy load of homework, an exam every week, and a long commute. Still, I love going to school, and I feel that I am getting into a sort of a routine, which goes pretty much like this:

Get up way too early in the morning;
Drive 80 miles in heavy traffic;
Listen to several hours of intensive lectures;
Drive 80 miles in heavy traffic;
Make dinner and review kids’ homework;
Enjoy monosyllabic exchanges with my husband;
Put children to bed;
Study until can’t possibly keep eyes open anymore;
Sleep for what it feels a few seconds every night.

There has been no blog reading, no posting (well, you knew that already), no spinning. And of course no yarn acquisitions, or visit to yarn stores/knitting group/spinning guild, visit with other knitters, spinners bloggers (with one exception to see Ms. Melanie and Michelle).

But I am happy to report that there is still some knitting. As long as it is simple, I can knit and read/study at the same time. In fact, I find that if I had to sit still and study for long periods of time without something grounding me, I would not being able to do it. I’d get up, make some tea, do a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, etc.

But my hands busy knitting keep my bottom attached to the chair and my eyes glued to the papers, with the eternal mantra of ‘just one more row-just one more page’, until I collapse.

I have finished a few simple things, but not taken a picture of them all. Just this one, which I call Devo (as in Devolopmental Anatomy, because the bulk of it was knitted while studying for that exam).

Image hosted by

It is, of course, the Corrugated Asymmetrical V-Neck, from Loop-d-Loop (scroll at the bottom of the page to see the image from the book), knitted with some Cleckheaton 12-ply yarn from stash. The gauge was not quite the same, and it turned out a bit too short. So I added a band at the bottom to make it just a bit longer, since bulky wool sweaters that leave your belly button uncovered do not make sense to me. Unfortunately, being dark blue, you can’t really see much. It was very enjoyable to knit and it is very nice to wear. Even sexy with a shoulder, with accompanying bra/camisole strap, peeking out all the time. Luckily for me, I have no problem with unruly straps.

My next post will likely be in December, when lessons will stop. Please know that I miss you all a lot. And keep your fingers crossed for me, especially on Monday mornings, when I invariably am struggling with a test of some sort.

PS: I do just about manage to read my email, so feel free to email me with any news or just a quick greeting, I’d love to hear from all of you, I really miss reading your blogs.


Anonymous Emma said...

We really miss you too sweetheart.
I am in complete awe of your ability to knit a fab sweater whist following a schedule so severe it makes my eyes water. You should feel very proud of everything you do. i feel very proud of you ! :0)


2:00 PM  
Anonymous Kay said...

Ditto to what Emma said. I can't imagine going back to the rigors of the student life, combined with the rigors of kids/family life. 80 minutes each way--LORD!

But you are going to be a great doc so it's all worth it.

Very nice to hear that knitting helps you study. I think it might have helped me back in the day, as I was always jumping up to do some distracting task! Will be waiting very patiently for more news of you and now will think of you on Monday a.m.s! Love, Kay

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Colleen said...

I am amazed that you are coping with this schedule. I can't imagine being a student AND a mom AND commuting 80 MILES each way in this area (Southborough?) I hope that you find it rewarding, and that you're balancing it all with this knitting.

7:26 AM  
Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

Ben! I miss you too! I think of you often and am sending good sanity vibes your way. Have you heard I'm trying some Denim Yarn out?!

4:28 PM  

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