Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What, no pictures?

No, no pictures, I left my camera at home and I am writing for work.

Also, I just realized that besides a pretty picture of a FO every once in a while, or a progress report, other knitters might also be interested in the actual knitting process (now, there is a surprise!).

Last night, during my never-ending reading for my American Literature class, I was also finishing up the right side of the V-neck shaping for Kiri, following the notorious instructions that tell you to reverse all shaping you did for the right side (yes, it is a Rowan pattern, after all). Now, that was ok, but once I finished the neck and shoulder shaping, I paired the front to the back, only to find that the front, from armhole to shoulder, is 10 rows higher that the back in the same section.

I do not know why that happened, I am guessing I just was not paying attention to row gauge, as Wendy would tell you. Not that I ever did in any of my past projects, especially when following a pattern and using the yarn said pattern specifies. Never mind, I’ll know better next time.

Now, as for fixing it: I could not change the front without messing up all the decreases for the armhole and the V-neck shaping, so no, I was not touching that. But I could add 10 rows to the back. Simple, right?

So ripped off the shoulder shaping that I’d done in short rows, (so that I could then pick up live stitches to do a 3 needle bind-off and attach the neck) without even stopping to think. And started knitting the 10 extra rows. So far, so good.

However, when I arrived at the point of shaping the shoulder and back neck again I drew a complete blank: you know when the pattern instructs you to shape the shoulders sloping up and the back neck sloping down, at the same time? Well, I just could not possibly figure out a way to do this, in short rows, which made sense. I used up several sheets of paper trying to draw a diagram and attempted to knit it at least 4 times, before it finally came out the way it was supposed to (at least, I think so, but I’m having second thoughts). And if I wanted to explain it to you, I would not know where to start (here is where photographs would be helpful, but I get too engrossed in my knitting to stop and reach for the camera sitting about 20 cm away from my hand; need to change that).

What really bugs me is: why something that I did easily the first time around turned out so ridiculously difficult the next time, just a few days later? Can somebody please give me back my brain?

Next post, there will be pictures!


Blogger Stinkerbell said...

that reverse all shaping bit should get them a big WHACK over the head!

I get shortrows, they dont scare me. But knowing how and when to use them (or that threee needle bind off for that matter)- THAT is a whole other point :)

2:30 PM  
Blogger melanie said...

Aw man, I had totally forgotten what non-Jenna patterns are like until you mentioned the "reverse shaping" bit. I never want to finish Rogue now. Not. Ever.

Love the rotating flower!!!

6:11 PM  

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