Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The beauty of bulky yarn knitting

As you can see, Mia is close to completion. I followed my readers’ recommendations and went with the Two.Two, reducing number of stitches required by a third. Since Mia is all knitted in one piece, with an attached collar, it was really easy and fast. I only had one hiccup, when I convinced myself that I would not have enough yarn to follow the pattern’s given measurements, made the first sleeve way too narrow and had to rip the whole sleeve off. But now it looks good, I only have half a ball left to finish the collar, I’ll stop when the yarn stops. Then I will make a yarn flower of some sort in different colors to attach to the pin that will keep it closed. Hopefully Maddalena will like it for her upcoming birthday.

I rarely knit with bulky yarns, but I enjoyed this quick knit very much, and it was really useful for lifting me out of my previous unmotivated funk. I was also lucky that my new classes require a fair amount of reading, and I can read and knit stocking stitch at the same time. Otherwise, I tend to suffer from the same syndrome as Phyillis does, and knit only at night, when everything else is done.

What next? Not Sure. Today I rescued Clapotis from work, so there is that to finish. And the ever present China Clouds. Other contenders are: a little buttonhole bag, or a teddy bear (from this book) in pink chenille for one of my little friends, or maybe a pair of socks (not my favorite type of knitting, but I can be persuaded). Or maybe a sweater with large amount of stocking stitch, to go with my reading.

I’ll keep you posted.


Blogger Maggie said...

Yes, we did have fun tonight! I enjoyed meeting Melanie, and knitting with everyone...we had a nice group. Mia is beautiful!

12:16 AM  
Blogger Stinkerbell said...

sei magnifica!!

even better that you can read while making it and that it brings you out of that funk.

Cant wait to see the Clapotis, until I can make my own I live vicariously through looking at other peoples :)

7:17 AM  

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